Why can't I place my order at the final stage of the checkout?

Our checkout page has been set up to ensure it is safe and secure.  We collect your 'Billing Address' from the details you provide at 'Stage 3' during the checkout process.  Because of this it is important that you enter your address correctly .

You need to enter your house number and street name in 'Address Line 1', like this:

1 Any Street

This is a mandatory field that Worldpay will use to validate your card.

'Address line 2' is an optional field you can use for your house name or district.  If your address DOES NOT contain a house number (i.e. you only have a house name), you will need to enter a number at the beginning of 'Address Line 1', like this:

1 House Name, Any Street

Worldpay will then be able to validate your card at the checkout and your order will be confirmed.